Zero 2 Forty – Getting you running for 40min in 16 weeks

Zero to Forty

What it is

Zero to Forty is a 16-week running programme that we have designed allowing for someone to go from absolutely no running to running forty minutes continuously.

Why have we created it?

Here at NK Active we see a lot of patients who have begun their running journey, but it hasn’t ended up the way that they wanted it to, normally resulting in injury.

We have created the Zero to Forty plan which we believe consists of a safe layout over a 16-week period. We know that as this present time the ‘Couchto5k’ is a very popular running programme. However, we have analysed each week very thoroughly using the Acute Chronic Workload ratio (ACWR), developed by Dr Tim Gabbett, a human physiologist.

This method allows an individual to look at their activity level over a four-week period and it then calculates the injury risk rate.

From this we know that if your workload is greater than 1.2 there is an increased risk rate of injury and if it goes beyond 1.5 there is a significant increase risk of injury.

You can work out your own ACWR here or read our blog about it

Now when we look back at patients that we see, it appears that the majority are getting injured during their Couch to 5k between weeks 5 and 6, but why is this?

We found that the four weeks previous to this time frame the intensity and time are ramped up so much that the workload ratio calculates it being well over 1.5!! A huge increase in risk rate of injury. We have adapted the Zero to Forty to make sure that this does not happen through any of the 16 weeks, we have also added various strength exercises which can be completed in the comfort of your own home

Why does it have exercises built-in as well?

For each week we have added exercises to help start increasing your strength and tolerance to running. which can be completed in the comfort of your own home. The exercises change every week, adapting as your fitness levels increase throughout the weeks. Designing an appropriate strength programme alongside the Zero to Forty was very important to us. Strength exercises are key for an individual to create a good running form, become a more balanced runner and most importantly to reduce the risk rate of developing injuries. This is something that the Couch to 5k lacks, which is another contributing factor to the injuries that we have seen sustained from its programme layout.

How you can get started now

To start your Zero to Forty journey there are two ways.

Number 1: you can download a PDF copy of the whole 16-week programme for free off our website shop.

Click here

Number 2: You can buy a Zero to Forty box for £4.00 off our website shop which you will then receive the whole 16-week programme but also a yellow tone loop to get you started for the exercises.

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Good luck and enjoy, any questions let us know!!!! Happy running.