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Improving during Lockdown

Covid has presented many issues. For the past nine months. One been a change in the ability to exercise and peoples activity levels. In the initial lockdown we did see some people change their activity levels by up to 400%, Which would have significantly contributed towards the injury.

We are also seeing lots of people starting to take up running I’m walking as a tool to help try and manage their own health and well-being through the pandemic, which is absolutely amazing. However many people were not then doing the required strengthening work to help reduce the risk of injuries. After the initial lockdown was lifted and people can start getting back into the gym we are starting to see people improving their strength.

Then what people are calling lockdown 2.0 Started and unfortunately gyms and outdoor sports were cancelled / shut.

We work closely with a local gym in Romsey, SO51 fitness can we just love their ethos around trying to be an eco-friendly gym and everything targeted around about people enjoying their strength of the exercises and getting fitter and stronger. And they are also seeing people like us who want to improve their health, however, I’ve current injuries and Niggles which are holding them back.

So, We have a solution.

Let’s introduce

“Improve during lockdown 2.0”

We have teamed up with SO51 fitness to try and help people overcome the injuries and niggles and continue doing their strengthening exercises. As a medical clinic, we are extremely fortunate to have our own gym on-site and we are allowed to remain open for helping treat injuries and niggles on a one-to-one basis, So we thought this would be a great idea for two local businesses to come together to help people within the Romsey area through the current lockdown and end it fits than they were before.

So what does the service include?

  • Initial consultation at NK Active, to help get a better understanding and history of the injuries and niggles
  • Strength testing to help target the rehabilitation process
  • Equipment to continue with exercises at home
  • Five 1-2-1  bespoke rehab sessions at NK Active
  • Once you have finished, then you will have Six  1-2-1 personal training sessions at SO 51 fitness

The aim is to try and help people overcome their injuries and not let lockdown become an excuse as to why these injuries and niggles manifested. Allowing people to get fitter and stronger ready for when we start to come out the other side of the pandemic.

You can book online and there’s even an option is to pay in three installments.

We look forward to seeing you soon.

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