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Podiatry and nail conditions.

There are many disorders that can affect the toenails; this can be a result of deformity, infections or nails becoming ingrown. NK Active Podiatrist and Clinical Academic, Charlie Dando talks about some of the common pathologies we typical see in clinic in this blog.

Common pathologies typically seen in clinic are:-

Onychomycosis (nail fungus) 

Onychomycosis can affect one or several toenails. The infected nail will often look thickened and discoloured (often a green/yellow colour) and in combination with onychomycosis, the skin can also have a fungal infection, this is commonly known as athletes’ foot.

Subungual hematoma 

Often a subungual hematoma is seen when an injury to the toenail breaks open the blood vessels. This causes the blood to collect and become trapped in one spot. As well as trauma, subungual hematomas are commonly seen in people who are wearing ill-fitting shoes (where the toenail rubs) or after events such as long distance running where repetition creates microtrauma to the nail.

Nail Trauma

Nails can become deformed, thickened and fragile if they have been stepped upon for example with a shoe, if the nail has broken or through sporting activities such as football or rugby.

Ingrown toenail (Onychocryptosis)

This is when the corner of the nail curves in towards the skin, an ingrown toenail can be painful and sometimes lead to infection. Any toenail can potentially become ingrown. Common causes for an ingrown toenail to develop are trauma, cutting the toenails too short and even people who have a family history of nail issues.

One way to manage this condition is nail surgery, you can read more information on our nail surgery page.

NK Active and treating common pathologies

At NK Active we can offer advice and management for these conditions. At the initial appointment we can assess your foot health, discuss your issue, and provide you with a tailored treatment plan.

You can book an appointment online or call one of the team 01794 840155.  

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