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Getting active after Lockdown

Over the next few weeks and months, we will hopefully start to see the relaxation of lockdown rules, meaning we can start getting back to such like as visiting the zoo, getting involved in team sports and clubs, running with a running club, and walking in the countryside. Everyone is eager to get active after lockdown, especially as the weather improves. All of this will be amazing and so important for managing our overall health and well-being. This applies to everyone regardless of age and we could argue that the older we get, the more important it is to keep active and get stronger.
However, in clinic we are already starting to see some of the effects of spending a year in a locked down world, where individual activity levels have drastically changed, and we are seeing more and more new injuries in clinic.
We can help try and explain this using the zone of optimal stress theory. This is based on the premise that as long as we operate within a level where everything is happy, we will not pick up an injury.

What can then happen, is that we have a sudden increase in activity levels, and we find ourselves outside of that zone.

This is when we then pick up an injury, however, unfortunately when this happens the zone of our tolerance reduces, meaning that there is an increased chance that even when doing less we keep on aggravating the problem.

The aim of treatment is to reduce the load and then increase the strength and capacity of the muscles and tendons.

So, when we look at it like this, we should be able to significantly reduce the risk of injuries occurring. Therefore, it is important to start getting the body ready to getting back to the activity they want to do by gradually increasing activity levels and also improving strength.  I know the example in the diagrams is looking at running, but this is true for anything, whether it be running, lifting, walking, sports etc
This is the exact reason why we are running a “Get Active Again” service, so we can help try and reduce the risk of injury from happening in the first place.
One tip when doing exercises is to focus on effort level (RPE – rate of perceived excursion) where 0 is no effort and 10 is max effort, no reps. To help get strength changes RPE needs to be around 7/10 and reps around 5-8. Doing 3 sets of 30 reps, is not going to get those strength changes.

The Get Active Again solution and special offer

What is it?
An appointment package with David Rigg, our Rehab Instructor, to help you reduce the risk of injury from doing too much after the lockdown. We know that a sudden change in activity levels can result in increased injury risk.

Who is it for ?
Everyone – new and existing patients

How can it be done?
Either at a face to face appointment or remotely via video

What is included?

  • Pre-appointment questionnaire to define activity levels
  • Appointment to discuss activity goals
  • Strength testing (in clinic only)
  • Create exercise and activity plan to reduce risk of over loading
  • Tone loops
  • 1 follow up 2-6 weeks later to check progress

In clinic
Usually £197, currently on offer for £154 until 30th April 2021.
Includes 75 minute Initial appointment to go through history, strength testing, and create exercise plan, plus 45 minute follow up appointment after 2-6 weeks to check progress.

Usually £164, currently on offer for £154 until 30th April 2021.
Includes 60 minute Initial appointment to go through history, and create exercise plan, plus 45 minute follow up appointment after 2-6 weeks to check progress.

To book this offer with David, online or give us a call on 01794 840155.

We shall see you soon.

Don’t forget you can watch Nick’s video talking about how to reduce the risk of injury on return activity, that he recorded during lockdown 1.0

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