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Exercise and Arthritis.

You already know that one of our main missions at NK Active is to help people like you lead a more active, sustainable lifestyle.   We’re all made of the same stuff, so whether you’re striving for a podium position or working towards walking pain-free, we’re focused on getting you back to doing what you love. 

Exercise and arthritis.

There is lots of evidence that shows the benefits of strength training to help reduce Osteoarthritis pain. Exercise increases the lubrication to the cartilage of the joint, thus reducing Osteoarthritis symptoms of pain and stiffness.  

However, lots of people are worried about what to do and can decide to do nothing for worry about doing the wrong thing and having more pain.  What often happens is not that they do the wrong thing but that they do too much, which brings them more pain and so prove to themselves that it’s not right for them or is doing harm.  

The best thing to do is to start easy and to so little that you think it’s not enough. You are in a process of learning what to do and this will take time.  

It’s far better to do a little and build up over a week or to than to do so much that you need to rest for a week after trying something new.  

Regular exercise can help to: 

  • reduce joint pain
  • strengthen muscles
  • decrease pressure on joints
  • improve overall health

Exercises to do at home.

  • Stand from a chair – How many can you do in 10 seconds without pain?
  • Walking on the spot (lifting your knees high) for 10 seconds and build up 1 minute a day.
  • Squat against a wall for 10 seconds and build up 50 seconds a day.
  • Single leg balance.
  • Walking on your toes with support – try 5 steps on each leg with support (like holding on to the back of a chair).

Am I doing this right?

There are no right or wrong exercises but there is too much too soon, so take your time to learn what you can do and the affect it has on you.  

If things are going well, don’t be too quick to do more – this is for the long term not just this week.  

David Rigg, Sports Rehabilitator, NK Active.

If things don’t go so well at first, don’t worry, you have learned what was too much which is just as important for moving forwards.  

The worst thing you can do is nothing. 

Osteoarthritis and NK Active

Throughout October we are running an #ArthritisAwarenessCampaign answering your questions and sharing top tips and myth-busting on Arthritis.  

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