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Virtual healthcare in NK Active.

From the very first lockdown, like a lot of businesses, NK Active had to work differently to support patients with their conditions, while still following the government guidelines.

One way in which we did this was to offer online appointments. These appointments meant that our clinicians and patients could catch up over video link via their laptop, telephone, iPad, or computer. All we needed was an internet connection and an email account.

This was a great way to check in, tweak and modify our patient’s care plans – all from the comfort of home! Or, once clinic opened again, from one of our treatment rooms.  

Using new technology can always be daunting – there are so many new buttons and working out how to turn the sound on at first seemed impossible, but with practice … we all learnt a new skill!

The benefits of virtual healthcare.

There are a quite a few benefits to virtual health care:

  • We were able to access people all over the UK and further afield.
  • There was more flexibility in appointment times for people.
  • There was no need to worry about parking, traffic or driving in the dark.
  • There was a human side that we all enjoy, as well as problem solving with people about how they could do exercises at home.

We are now back to face-2-face appointments clinics; however, it is still possible to have virtual consultations with our team. They can be useful if travelling is difficult, or you have responsibilities which mean ‘me’ time is minimal.

The pros and cons of virtual healthcare.

So, what are some of the positives and negatives of virtual healthcare? 

  • You can combine face-2-face with virtual appointments – this is helpful if you need to juggle your time or plans are subject to change.
  • Virtual appointments can help reduce anxiety, particularly if travelling and going to new places is uncomfortable.
  • Virtual appointments provide access to health professionals around the world.   
  • You don’t need to use up your valuable annual leave as you can make virtual appointments fit into your routine. We have people do their rehabilitation during their lunch break or see us for a consultation whilst having a coffee.
  • For those with systemic conditions, where travelling can be difficult, it can give independence and the confidence to manage their own health care.
  • Some people need face2face communication to make sense of their situation.
  • People can have the preconception that virtual healthcare won’t work for them, before they give it a try.
  • The sessions can be more factual and focused, which can sometimes feel a little less personal.

If you have any specific questions on virtual healthcare that you would like answered, then please contact us and let us know. #NKActive

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