foot health week 2022. Nick from NK Active holding a foot skeleton to demonstrate to a patient

Foot health week 2022

This week [25 April- 1 May] is Foot Health Week! This annual campaign is led by the Royal College of Podiatry and this year is focusing on you and your feet in the workplace. We use our feet each and every single day so with this in mind it’s just as vital that we take care of them much like we would our eyes!

According to the RCPod 79% of retail workers spend between four and ten hours on their feet during the working day and from these 30% felt that their mental wellbeing and quality of work were affected after just four hours. A further 35% didn’t seek a solution to their issues or know what available solutions were.

Charlotte Dando, Podiatrist at NK Active, Foot health week 2022

The NK Active approach to foot health…

Your feet and ankles take most of the impact of your daily activities, so whether you’re taking part in a sport you love or simply heading out for a day with your family, this sort of pain can really get in the way of leading a healthy, active lifestyle. Here at NK Active we take a holistic approach to each and every person that comes through our door by providing education and interventions to really help improve and manage each individuals health.

A popular misconception is that as podiatry isn’t accessible for all. We don’t just treat athletes. We thoroughly recognise that foot health is important to people from all walks [ excuse the pun] of life and this years Foot Health week theme is great to highlight this.

If you are experiencing foot pain, or are struggling in any way with your foot health, we can absolutely help. Our podiatry services are tailored to your individual needs so whether you are struggling with an ingrowing toenail or you are suffering from heel pain we can work with you to find the best solution.

Please don’t suffer in silence with foot pain especially in the workplace. Visit our podiatry services page to find out more about how we can help you to improve your lifestyle.

You only get one pair of feet. Look after them!

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