Nick and Charlotte from NK active discuss ingrowing toe nail causes and when to seek help on the NK Active podcast

Ingrowing toenail causes and when to get help- Episode 13

Welcome to episode 13 of the NK Active podcast. In this latest episode NK Active director Nick Knight joins Doctor Charlotte Dando to talk all about ingrowing toenail causes and exactly when the right time to seek help is.

Ingrowing toenails can affect many of us for lots of different reasons. For some of us we may be pre-disposed to them due to genetics and family history, for others it might be down to trauma of the nail from playing sports or injury.

Regardless of the reason for getting an ingrowing nail its important to recognise when you need to seek expert help to fix the problem. Has the nail settled? Has an infection occurred? Is the nail hot, painful, swollen? Potentially it might be leaking pus or fluid. If this answer is yes to this then its probably best to book in and get it looked at by a podiatrist.

Throughout this episode Nick and Charlie not only discuss how to recognise what an ingrown toenail is but also some of the key do’s and don’ts to avoid getting them in the future. Nick also dispels some of the myths around ingrowing toenail causes and how to fix them.

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