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Plantar plate injuries tips and tricks

This week the NK Active podcast is talking all about one of our favourite topics…plantar plate injuries! The chances are that you most probably don’t even know what the plantar plate is and the injuries associated with it, but it is most probably one of the most common conditions that we see here in clinic. And it’s the one condition that we have people drive for multiple hours to come see us. We also help manage people remotely from all parts of the world.

What is the plantar plate?

Plantar plate is a technical term used to describe ligament tissue that holds two bones of your toe together. We usually find that plantar plate is common on all of our toes, but the one that frequently we see injured is the second toe. This can often occur through trauma or sometimes repetitive injury. And that might be through dancing, or running, or any any sport that kind of forces you to repeatedly land or go up onto your tiptoes.

Patients often report kind of a dull ache under the toe. And you tend to find that they can also report that it feels like that they’re walking on a pebble, there’s a lump underneath their toe that they can’t quite get rid of or or move or change at all. We can find that sometimes aggravating factors, things that can cause it to become worse or more uncomfortable, can be simple things like wearing high heeled shoes, it can be dancing, it can be brought on by certain activities, or it could be a certain pair of shoes or footwear that aggravate.

Have you ever been affected by a plantar plate injury? Or have you ever experienced foot pain and not even realised that the plantar plate is the issue? Listen to todays episode as Charlie and Nick walk [boom boom] you through some simple tips and tricks for dealing with Plantar Plate problems.

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