your feet in flip flops-summer foot care advice from the NK Active team

Your feet in flip flops- summer foot care advice

Summer has arrived! And yes, although it always seems like sunny summer days last for about a week here in the UK, it’s still summer! In our latest episode of the NK Active podcast we are discussing all things related to summer footwear. There are hundreds of varieties of summer shoes and sandals out there, and it can be quite overwhelming to try and work out what type of style is suitable for you. However, there are some characteristics, which will make some shoes more desirable than others. So…are your feet in flip flops the best idea? Or should you be looking at other options?

Should I be wearing flip flops?

Of course you can. HOWEVER…

Like everything its about moderation. You wouldn’t eat chips and ice cream 3 times a day every day but a little bit occasionally isn’t going to hurt. But all day every day you might find there are consequences. The same thing goes for your choice in footwear. If you are going to be on your feet, walking ten miles a day then flip flops are very likely going to cause issues with blisters, toe pain and pain at the front of your foot. Now more than ever the range of styles of footwear available to you is extensive. Throughout this short episode we discuss what kind of things you should be looking out for when deciding on your summer footwear choices this season.

If you would like any specific footwear advice based on any condition you might have the NK Active team would be more than happy to advise. Drop us a message here at the clinic and we can help.

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