are hylo athletics the best eco friendly running shoes on the market? Nick from NK Active interviews Michael Doughty, founder of Hylo Athletics

Do Hylo Athletics make the best eco friendly running trainers? An interview with Michael Doughty.

In this weeks episode of the NK Active podcast, Nick had the pleasure of interviewing ex-professional footballer Michael Doughty. The man behind the eco friendly footwear company Hylo Athletics. So, do Hylo Athletics make the best eco friendly running trainers? Michael puts up a good argument for saying YES they are!

In this interview we talk about the Michaels background and the path that led him to start an eco friendly shoe business.

We have been fortunate enough to know Hylo since the very early days of their business starting and it has been fascinating to watch their shoes evolve. We have always championed shoe brands that do the job. Those that support your feet whilst undertaking whatever activity you are doing be it running an ultramarathon or playing a game of tennis. But very rarely do we find a brand of shoe that does what it needs to do performance wise as well as staying true to its core eco values and helping to save the planet.

Hylo Athletics puts sustainability right to the core of its business from the materials they select for their shoes to their carbon footprint throughout the production and distribution stages and right through to the end of life of each pair of trainers. The majority of the resources used in production come within a fifty mile radius of the factory that they are made in.

Hylo Athletics have also introduced an incredible scheme whereby they encourage their customers to send in their old shoes to be recycled properly. In doing so they offer their customers credit to be spent towards their next pair of running shoes. They are determined to change all of our thoughts and relationships with old products to help find new solutions along the way that we can all work on.

This is an absolutely eye opening episode and we are so thankful to Michael Doughty for giving up his time to speak to us here at NK Active. We do hope you enjoy listening to this episode in full and we would absolutely love to know if you agree with us that Hylo Athletics make the best eco friendly running trainers! Leave us a comment and let us know!

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