The NK Active lunch club. virtual CPD for health care professionals

Introducing the NK Active Lunch Club

We’re super proud to announce to you that the NK Active Lunch Club doors are now open and you are invited in to be a part of the club. CPD learning during lunch time, that’s relevant, on topic and efficient in it’s delivery.

These ZOOM based sessions are now LIVE and we invite you to come along, be a part of the club that will grow with all of us.

We’ve been discussing this with our peers and one thing that everyone mentioned is that they all liked learning a bit more about this industry and the body, but when it comes to learning they needed it to be focused, relevant and efficient in its delivery to fit in with the busy schedules that we all have.

We have three exciting sessions planned so far and you can find out more on what they are and how you can get involved be visiting our dedicated NK Active lunch club page here.

And whilst you’re here on this page why don’t you sit back and watch this latest podcast recorded by Nick and Dave as they will bring this all to life for you and explain a little bit more about why you need to get yourself signed up!

We can’t wait to meet you.

Listen to the latest episode here on your chosen platform –

Enjoy Nick and Dave talking over on YouTube or stream right now via Spotify below.

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