Active Ageing

Research tells us there is a link between the ageing process and reduced strength and the increased risk of falls and injury.

We also know that this risk can be significantly reduced with strengthening exercises, balance work and footwear advice.

Our active ageing programme aim is help you become proactive, rather than reactive.

The process

It all starts with collecting some data; looking at strength, flexibility and balance scores.

We go through a series of exercise sessions over a period of time to work on balance and strength, educating you along way and offering advice around footwear and insoles (orthoses).

During the last session of the programme, we do all the original tests again and show you the improvements you have made, with the option of continuing with our maintenance programme.

Why is this important?

The ageing process is something we can't prevent, however we can reduced the effects of it.

The statistics around falls in the UK, doesn't make happy reading; however the risk of falls can be reduced by 38% just by working on strength and balance.

Remember, age is just a number. Mr Fauja Singh, started running at 89. Ran his first marathon at 93 and went on to run 8 marathons, last one at age 101.

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