Free resources with top tips on strength training, recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention from the NK Active team of Podiatrists and Sports Rehabilitation Instructors. #moveforward

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A meniscus injury, what is it and how can you manage it?

In the podiatry corner of the NK Active September newsletter, one of our Podiatrist’s Charlotte spoke about meniscus injuries; one of the most common kinds of knee injuries. The meniscus is a C-shaped cartilage that is located between your thigh bone and shinbone; they are tough and rubbery and provide cushioning to the joint which…

Episode 2The journey from injury back to activity.

Watch Listen Read Nick:  Hello everyone, welcome to the second episode of the NK Active podcast. I really hope everyone enjoyed episode one. So today we’ve got some different guests with us. So we’ve got Natalie who was obviously here last time, but she’s not here speaking from her role at NK Active, she’s speaking…

Help! I think I have an ingrown toenail.

Since launching our new core podiatry service, we have had a fair number of patients in clinic suffering with ingrown toenails. In this blog, Dr Charlotte talks you through what is an ingrown toenail and why it happens! What is it?  Ingrown toenails, also known as onychocryptosis, is a painful condition of the toe. It…

Episode 1Who are NK Active and what do we do?

Watch Listen Read Nick How are we doing? I am Nick, the owner of NK Active, and welcome to our new podcast. It’s going to be a new thing that we’re going to be releasing episodes, just chatting about the team we have at NK Active. What we do, common conditions, different guests, but we’ll…

Cycling and the benefits of strength training.

Since the beginning of lockdown and after certain restrictions have been lifted, a lot of us have increased our activity levels and taken up new sports. NK Active’s Exercise and Rehabilitation Instructor, Natalie Green tells us that one sport that has skyrocketed over the last few months has been cycling. This is great as cycling…

COVID–19: Charlotte’s advice on returning to exercise safely.

Lockdown might be over for the majority for us, but with the school summer holidays for some and working from home still a reality for many; pre-lockdown levels of activity are not our reality just yet.  Over the last 4-6 weeks we have seen many patients in clinic and via video consultation with injury’s or…