Zinc Oxide Tape (1.25cm Width) 3 Pack



We use zinc oxide to help with treatment of plantar fasciitis, plantar plate injuries, turf toe and much more.

Zinc oxide is rigid tape and designed to be used as part of the rehab process and not a long term tool.

For plantar fasciitis use the 3.8cm width

For Plantar plate injuries the 1.25cm width

We advise to change the tape every 1-2 days and leave It off when sleeping to allow the skin to breathe. If you have had a reaction to zinc oxide before, even just a rash, please do not use it. If you have not used it before, maybe try it on the top of your foot first. If you do suffer from a reaction, please see medical advice.

The tape will not stick to skin that has been moisturised.

Allergy warning – Zinc oxide

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