3D Gait Analysis

You have most likely heard of a running gait analysis or a walking gait analysis. What exactly is this? Your gait is simply how you walk and run – the biomechanical movement of your body - we see patients all the time with aches and pains triggered by exercise that prevent them from being active and some of these injuries can be as a result of their own gait.

NK Active are one of the first to use 3D gait analysis in clinical practice and the only clinic in Hampshire to have Run3D. 3D gait analysis is a state-of-the-art diagnostics tool that uses 3D motion cameras and sensors to scientifically analyse the way you run or walk, so no more guessing on what we think is happening.

It is the same technology used to make films like "Planet of the Apes".

The process

After the initial assessment, we will marker you up with 39 reflective markers from hip to foot and build a lower limb skeleton of you. You are given time to get used to the treadmill before we start to collect the data.

This may include different speeds, different shoes, with or without insoles (orthoses) or even connect you to a heart rate strap monitor what happens as you get fatigued.

The data is real-life feedback that can highlight balance issues, muscle weakness, increased motion in a certain area or an error in your technique – all of which can lead to or explain your injury and help us build your treatment plan.

Strength testing and 3D gait 

We quite often combine strength and flexibility testing with the 3D gait analysis data to get the complete picture of lower limb function, strength and flexibility.

This really helps get a good idea of lower limb function. Some of our patients have described the process like a MRI of how you walk or Run.

Is it for me?

Not everyone will need a 3D gait analysis, sometimes the 18,000 bits of data it provides is over kill. We have a set criteria in clinic used during your assessment; typically people who have a history of on-and-off injuries or multiple injuries down one side of the lower limb can really benefit from a 3D Gait analysis.

Video of the process

The 3D gait analysis is only avaliable at our Romsey clinic, however it is possible transport it for a day of testing and screening for teams as requried.

We have made a video below of the process

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