Bespoke rehabilitation

Exercise rehabilitation is the core of what we do at NK Active and "bespoke" and "personalised" are  two of our main keywords, we are all unique and the same recipe will not work for everyone.

Each programme is bespoke to you and personalised to your injury and your treatment goals. We take into consideration access to gym equipment, work and family commitments; the aim is to make it enjoyable and accessible so you do your homework outside of your clinic sessions too.

Our Process

We are a data-driven clinic and so have a good idea of what works; and have constructed a 5-step bespoke rehabilitation programme.

  • It starts with a strength test to help focus on the areas that need conditioning and repaired
  • Followed by 3 appointments allowing you to progress forward and empowering you to learn to manage your injuries and the recovery process
  • In the final appointment we re-do the strength test to show you the improvements and plan for you to manage your own care going forward

The rehabilitation process can take 3-4 months and we offer a maintenance package too. 

Our Gym

We have our own gym on site in the Pepper mill barn clinic, so your rehabilitation process takes place under one roof in a safe environment for learning, strength training and recovery. 

It is not uncommon for you to be doing more activity, setting new goals and making new PBs after you finish your rehabilitation programme.

Our results

We audit all of our data in NK Active, so we can consistently improve our service and make sure we are helping you achieve your goals.

We know that 97% of the time, we help you achieve your treatment goals and get you back to what you love doing.

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