Get active again

Many of the injuries we see in the NK Active clinic, are linked to people doing "too much too soon" or having sudden changes in activity levels; commonly known as "training errors".

Meaning many injuries could have been prevented in the first place.

Being more active has so many physical, mental and overall health and well-being benefits, but a gradual return to activity can help reduce the risk of injury and the NK Active Get Active Again programme is aimed at doing just that.

The process

We start with a pre-appointment questionnaire to define activity levels and goals, before your first appointment and strength testing sessions where we can discover where (if any areas) of improvements need to be worked on.

You will get an exercise programme designed to your areas of need and a programme of how to return back to chosen activity with reduced risk of injury and supply you with equipment needed.

Then a 6-week follow up to check up on your progress.

Our results

We audit all of our data in NK Active, so we can consistantly improve our service and make sure we are helping you acheive your goals.

We know that 98% of people are still doing all their work and daily activites 6 months after they have finished treatment.

Who is this for?

This is aimed at people who are not currently injured, but want to increase their activity levels or get back to an activity that they have not done for some time and want to reduce the risk of getting injured.

Any previous injuries or surgery is discussed during the assessment so your Get Active Again plan is tailored to suit your goals and you can get back to what you love or something new.

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