Nail Surgery

We understand how painful foot pain can be - whether it’s from a corn, fungal infection, or an ingrown nail!

Nail surgery can be helpful in the treatment of fungal nail infections and is the gold standard to help offer a permanent solution to ingrown toenails.

With success rates above 96%, we can remove a small section of the nail (Partial Nail Avulsion) or the whole nail (Total Nail Avulsion).

What is the process

We give a local anaesthetic into the toe, making the whole procedure pain free.

Once we have removed the section of nail  or whole nail, if we want to stop it growing back we will apply a chemical called phenol.

Your toe will have a dressing before you leave and your own dressing box to take away and use until the toe is healed.

You will have a follow-up at 1 and 6 weeks post-nail surgery.


How successful is it?

Data tells us that nail surgery using phenol has a success rate of 98% when removing a section of the nail or 94% when removing the whole nail.


  • Can I drive home after nail surgery? As you need to wait for the anaesthetic to wear off and with the dressing on the toe, you will not be able to drive home yourself after nail surgery
  • How long does it take to heal? If phenol was not used, usually it heals within 3-4 weeks and 6-10 weeks with phenol.

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