Pre and Post Op Rehab

Surgery can be part of the treatment process not an answer to problem on its own.

Rehabilitation before and after surgery is just as important as the surgery itself and often it is the bit that is missed out. Making yourself fitter and stronger before surgery can help with the your recovery (known as Prehab) and getting moving as soon as possible after surgery can help reduce swelling and stiffness and get you back to the active lifestyle you want.

Think of it like a car that has new brakes and tyres, it won't work any better unless you do something to the engine too.

Rehab in NK Active

Prehab includes working out a programme to help get you as strong as possible before surgery, targeting not just the area that will be operated on, but the surrounding areas identified by our strength testing.

For post op care, we will liaise with your surgeon and work out dates and plans for when we can move you forward, even if you have been discharged from your surgeon we can still help restore normal motion, build confidence and improve strength to help you achieve your goals.

Our results

We audit all of our data in NK Active, so we can consistantly improve our service and make sure we are helping you acheive your goals.

We know that 92% of people, 6 months after they have finished their treatment are still doing all their activity and sports at a level they wanted to reach.

Muscle stimulators

Muscle stimulators are very helpful if you have been in a cast or boot for a long period of time and everything has stiffened up.

At NK Active, we have our own gym onsite and have muscle stimulators for our patients to use during treatment and hire.

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