Body health check

"Helping you be proactive with your health"

Is this you?

Do you have aches and pains which are annoying?

Are you blaming lockdown, or age, for stiffness in your joints?

Have your activity levels reduced, but you are not sure how to change this?

Do you want to help control your own health?

If you have answered yes to any of the above, then the body health check is for you.

What happens at a body health check?

The NK Active Complete treatment journey-2

Like everything at NK Active, we start with a pre-assessment questionnaire, including the international physical activity questionnaire, so that we can get an idea of your current health, activity levels and your goals.

We then review your answers and goals, and move onto some tests for the whole body, including some movements that we all do on a daily basis.

We then provide a personalised written report, with our findings and recommendations to help you #getactivestayactive and #moveforward

What tests are involved?

The tests focus on the whole body, looking at tasks we use in every day life, covering :-

  • Strength
  • Flexibility
  • Balance

Some of the tests are related to strength, such as how much weight you can pick up off the floor, (as demonstrated by Nick).

Other tests relate more to flexibility and balance, such as can you squat down and touch your toes? How much flexibility and strength is there in your back, and many more.

We also complete a blood pressure check.


Dave explains the body health check

Commonly asked questions

What does it cost?

£98, which includes the body health check and full report; however, for the first 50 body health checks we are offering it at a reduced rate of £75.

How long does it take?

The body health check is 45 minutes long.

I have arthritis, can I still do it?

YES! We want to help people become more active. We know that if you have arthritis it is even more important to be fitter, stronger and more active.

Are there age limits?

As long as you are over 16, you are welcome.

I have had injuries or surgery in the past, can I still take part?

YES! We can't change the past, this is about focusing on the future. If you have limited motion due to surgery, or previous injury, that is fine. We can help in showing you ways to accommodate and still #moveforward


Clinical review

Very well run, very informative and inviting to allow me to ask questions. Nice to see figures where I excel and under perform. Highly recommend.

Clinical review

Local, lovely clinic, has parking, forward thinking friendly practice

Clinical review

First impressions very good. Reception welcoming and calm. Hand sanitizer available. David friendly, professional, easy to talk to, informative and explained everything thoroughly. The feedback was interesting and motivating.