Ingrown nail check

"We boot out that sore toe"

Don't let an ingrown nail stop you from doing the things that you love!

"It is only a toe" people say, but if you have ever had an ingrown toe nail then you know how painful they can be.

With the long NHS waiting list to treat an ingrown toe nail, we want to offer a FREE ingrown nail check to see how we can help you, and to assess if it is actually an ingrown nail that is causing your pain.

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What happens if I need nail surgery?

We can help resolve the ingrown nail for good.

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We will book you in for nail surgery and sometimes it can be the same day. We have a success rate of 96% but don't worry, if the nail does regrow within 12 months, we will do the nail surgery again for free* **

What does it cost?

It depends on how many toes and sides of the nail (sulcus) require treating. The all-inclusive fee range is £447 - £647, which includes all the dressings and follow-up appointments you need, offering the complete solution to your ingrown toe nail.

Can I use my health insurance?

It depends on your insurance company and policy. Please do check and book a standard initial appointment by calling 01794 840155.

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What happens if I don't need nail surgery?

Either no further treatment will be requried and you can manage the problem yourself with some self-help advice.

Or the problem is not an ingrown toe nail and we will book you in for an initial appointment to help solve your problem.

Or in rare cases, you may require an onward referral for further tests.

Catherine Fletcher-Liddell

Facebook review

I had nail surgery with Nick and Charlotte last week and it went like a dream. My toe had been painful and a little bit infected but they were able to sort it out with hardly any discomfort. There was no pain afterwards and I felt very confident and relaxed the whole appointment. 4 days later and I keep forgetting I even had it done. I was back to walking the dog the next day pain free.
Hopefully I never have another ingrowing toenail, but if I do I wouldn’t hesitate to get the NK Active team to sort it out for me.

* Only if the plan was to stop the nail growing back - sometimes we may remove the spike or nail, but want the nail to grow back.

**If you are using health insurance you will require a new code to repeat the surgery.