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Episode 11 – Keeping motivated throughout treatment.

Welcome to episode 11. Nick, Charlie and David over the next 3 episodes we are discussing some of the issues that come up throughout the treatment process and how we over come them. This month we chat about how to keep motivated during the treatment process, as sometimes it can be difficult to see progress…

Active Ageing in NK Active.

What do we mean when we talk about “Active Ageing“? Or how staying active as you get older can be a really good thing for you and your body? NK Active Podiatrist Charlie, shared this blog in our latest clinic newsletter and it highlights some important factors around ageing and staying active as you get…

Back pain – fact and fiction.

There are more myths than facts on the internet about back pain, so in our last newsletter our Sports Rehabilitator, David wrote about some of them. Whether you are working at the office or working from home. When you are working for extended periods at your kitchen counter, sitting at your dining table or have…

What is strength testing?

In nice simple terms, strength testing is exactly what it says on the tin: the ability to test how strong you are through a particular motion or muscle. There is a known correlation between a reduction in strength and injury. This means that the stronger you are, the less likely you are to pick up…

Getting active after Lockdown

Over the next few weeks and months, we will hopefully start to see the relaxation of lockdown rules, meaning we can start getting back to such like as visiting the zoo, getting involved in team sports and clubs, running with a running club, and walking in the countryside. Everyone is eager to get active after…

Flat feet and insoles: top tips and myth busting.

Nick was recently asked to comment on a feature for an online publication on the subject of “flat feet” – this is one of those frequently asked questions in clinic and online via our social media and newsletters. Makes sense that we would share the Question and Answer feature right here on our blog too!…