Free resources with top tips on strength training, recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention from the NK Active team of Podiatrists and Sports Rehabilitation Instructors. #moveforward

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Understanding chronic exertional compartment syndrome

Today we’re discussing chronic exertional compartment syndrome- what it is and how we treat it…

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Do Hylo Athletics make the best eco friendly running trainers? An interview with Michael Doughty.

Nick speaks to ex-pro footballer Michael Doughty about his brand Hylo Athletics, and why they are the best eco friendly running shoes on the market…

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Your feet in flip flops- summer foot care advice

Nick and Charlie discuss summer footwear choices and whether wearing flip flops is good for you or not.

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Functional podiatry- An interview with Doctor Emily Splichal

In this weeks episode of the NK Active podcast we’re talking functional podiatry with guest expert Dr Emily Splichal.

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Plantar plate injuries tips and tricks

In this latest episode of the NK Active podcast Charlotte and Nick discuss tips and tricks for dealing with Plantar plate injuries.

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Disney Feet- Getting holiday ready- Episode

Are you going on an active holiday this year? In this latest episode of the NK Active podcast Nick and Dave talk about getting holiday ready.

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