Free resources with top tips on strength training, recovery, rehabilitation and injury prevention from the NK Active team of Podiatrists and Sports Rehabilitation Instructors. #moveforward

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Posture…What is it all about? Episode 15

Is there really such a thing as “bad” posture? In this episode of the NK Active podcast Nick and Dave discuss posture and what it’s all about…

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Working feet and foot health- Episode 14

Working feet was the theme of this years foot health week, a national campaign led by the Royal College of Podiatry with a focus on getting people to think more about their feet and how to look after them. In this weeks episode of the NK Active podcast Nick is joined by fellow podiatrist and…

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Foot health week 2022

Foot health week 2022 is focusing on problems from standing for long periods of time in the workplace. Find out how NK Active is supporting..

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Ingrowing toenail causes and when to get help- Episode 13

In our latest episode of the NK Active podcast we discuss ingrowing toe nail causes and exactly when you should seek help to get them sorted.

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Let’s Talk About Strength Testing.

There is a known correlation between a reduction in strength and injury, but how do we measure strength and why is it important for rehabilitation?

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Let’s Talk About… ingrown toenails and nail surgery.

NK Active Podiatrist Dr Charlotte Dando talks about ingrown toenails  -what they are, why we get them, symptoms and treatment in NK Active.

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