Custom Orthoses

Insoles (or orthoses to give them their proper name) are a tool used to help reduce pain and get you back to activity. They can be modified off the shelf to be fully bespoke to suit any need or problem and we can tailor orthoses to fit different shoes.

Orthoses are not always needed for life and can be a simple tool used for a period of time to help you get back to your activity.

Types of orthoses

Modified off-the-shelf

These can be a quick and simple way to help you on your way to recovery and can be useful as a short term device as are often issued during your appointment.

Fully-bespoke orthoses

Fully bespoke orthoses are completely tailored to your needs, weights and shoes helping us arrive at the right prescription for you. These can be refurbished and the prescription can be adapted over the years needed.

NK Active also offer bespoke sandals for summer.

Our results

We audit all of our data in NK Active, so we can consistantly improve our service and make sure we are helping you acheive your goals.

We know that 98% of people are still doing all their work and daily activites 6 months after they have finished treatment.


Can I use them in different shoes? You can get orthoses to fit any shoe, but it depends on the orthoses and the shoe relationship.

Do orthoses need to change over time? Not all the time, if your orthoses are working well and you are doing everything that you want to do, it is unlikely that you will need to change them. If it isn’t broke, don’t fix it.

What happens when they wear out? With bespoke orthoses and off-the-shelf orthoses, we will keep the prescription on file so that a repeat order can be made at anytime.

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