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Podiatrist Nick Knight | Nk Active sports injury clinic Hampshire

Foot & Ankle

Whether you’re into running races or walking at weekends, foot and ankle pain can often get in the way of doing what you love.

We offer a range of treatments to help you on your road to recovery.   

physiotherapy and sport injury clinic Hampshire | NK Active

Lower Limb

Hip, knee and shin pain can all have different causes but they usually have the same negative impact on your daily life. Our expert team has worked with hundreds of people like you to treat and manage lower limb injuries. 

Private physiotherapist Hampshire | NK Active


Most people will experience this kind of pain at some point in their life. It’s one of the most common complaints and our team have a wealth of experience, so don’t worry; we’ll work together to figure out the right rehabilitation plan for you.

Private Physiotherapist Basingstoke | NK Active

Upper Limb

Struggling with shoulder or elbow pain? We offer bespoke treatments for all sorts of upper limb problems with a focus on restoring your movement and helping to prevent future injuries.  

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