Foot care & general Podiatry

Not all things that stop you from doing what you love are due to overuse or tendon injury and our Romsey based Podiatrists are here to help you.

Sometimes it can be painful corn, stubborn verruca, or even a fungal infection. Fixing these problems is just as important in helping to stay active.

Often referred to as chiropody, general podiatry or foot care can be a vital way to help you maintain good foot health and help prevent problems from occurring in the first place.

What is the process

Just like every service at NK Active, it starts with a full assessment by one of our Romsey based Podiatrists to determine the problem, then a treatment plan is put in place to help. This could be to cure the problem or a long-term management plan.

If you need regular care then our Fab feet plan may be right for you


Looking after your foot health.

As they say, prevention is better than cure. We can help offer regular foot health checks and assessments to make sure any problems that arise are treated quickly.

Our Peppermill Barn clinic in Romsey is all-ground access with free parking directly outside, with large clean spacious rooms.

If you are suffering from a verruca find out more about our swift treatment

Suffering from a in-grown toe nail, learn about how we can help treat this and offer a permanent resolution.

Our Podiatrist to help with your general foot health

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