This is dependent on the person and the problem you’re having. Sometimes treatments may only be one or 2 sessions, or treatment may last for 3-4 months. When the treatment plan is developed the expected treatment time length will be discussed. The aim is to help educate you, so you have manage your own injury and empowering you with the knowledge on how to manage flare ups if they occur.


Yes, we are registered with all the major insurance companies, except AXA PPP. We advise you check with your provider prior to any appointment to check levels of cover.

In most cases it is important to continue to exercise, it is about load management, so you may not have to reduce your activity levels or change the activity you are doing in the short term and as treatment progresses we shall help with the graded return to activity.

In most cases the sooner you are able to make contact and start treatment, the quicker you can get back to exercise, however this does not mean that every strain or niggle needs attendtion. Look at you volume of exercise, if you have had a hard exercises session the night before and you are getting some soreness the morning after, this is normal and a sign you have pushed your body too hard, reduced you activity levels for a couple of days and it should settle, this is known as DOMS (delayed onset muscle soreness). If not then get in touch.

If you have had a direct injury or trauma (ie twisted ankle) then get in touch straight away.

Yes we do, so if you ever move away or need treatment else where your GP has all the information, however we ask for your permission before sending a letter to your GP.

Yes, we can organise, MRI, CT, X-ray and Ultrasound scans.

Yes, there is free parking all the clinic.

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