Diabetic & Foot health review

Diabetic & foot health reviews are a vital part of a health check as we get older. If you are living with diabetes nerve and blood supply can be affected. Any changes that happen can increase the risk of problems occurring that you may not be aware of.  If you are over the age of 50 it is recommended to have annual reviews to make sure there are no sings of nerve or blood supply changes. So having regular reviews are important to detect any potential changes early.

What is involved

In our Diabetic & foot health health reviews. We complete a full assessment, checking for any lesions and problems, also checking:-

Vascular supply

Checking pulses, blood pressure and blood supply as this can be affected by diabetes and the ageing process. We use our MESI machine to check your ABPI which is the difference in blood pressure in your arm and leg which is a key indicator of how good the blood supply is to the lower limb.

Nerve supply

Checking sensation in the feet is important to see if there are any changes, that may mean you can't feel increased pressure or rubbing.

Footwear assessment

Using the right shoes for the right job is key. Poor fitting shoes, can course corns and callus which can become problematic. Did you know over 68% of people wear shoes that are the wrong size.

Our MESI machine

Is a wireless machine that can help to measure your blood pressure and calculate your ABPI

What is ABPI?

ABPI stands for ankle brachial pressure index and it is the difference in blood pressure between the ankle and the arm.

Why is it important?

It can help assess the quality of the blood flow and supply to the leg and look at the risk of peripheral artery disease (PAD), as in the UK 1 in 5 over the age of 60 have PAD

What do the resutls mean

Normal = 0.92-1.3

An ABPI above 1.3 is usually indicative of non-compressible blood vessels, this can happen with diabetes
An ABPI <0.9 indicates some arterial disease, meaning the blood supply to the leg is reduced, so you are at high risk of developing problems.

The report

You will be given a full report, including any recommendations, treatment.

This may include advise on exercise, footwear and smoking if you are a smoker.

We can look at the report and compare to previous reports and data and recommed the frequency of foot health checks.

A copy of the report and treatment plan is also sent to your GP.

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