Diabetic Foot review

Regular foot reviews are a vital part in living with diabetes as nerve and blood supply can be effected. Any changes that happen can increase risk of problems happening that you may not be aware of. So having regular reviews are important to detect any potential changes early.

What is involved

We complete a full assessment, checking for any lesions and problems, also checking:-

Vascular supply

Checking pulses, blood pressure and blood supply as this can be effected by diabetes. .

Nerve supply

Checking sensation in the feet is important to see if there are any changes, that may mean you can't feel increased pressure or rubbing.

Footwear assessment

Using the right shoes for the right job is key. Poor fitting shoes, can course corns and callus which can become problematic.

The report

You will be given a full report, including any recommendations, treatment and an analysis compared to previous reports and data.

A copy of the report and treatment plan is also sent to your GP.

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