Strength MOT

Strength is a vital part of being a runner. It can help reduce the risk of injury and help you smash those PB's

We often see runners in the clinic with injuries, we take them through our rehabilitation process and strength training and often finish the process with PBs

There is a myth that strength training has to be long and boring, however, 18 minutes 3 times a week can be enough, especially it is targeted.

The strength test MOT aims to optimise, your strength training or help you start to help improve your running Performance with Expert Strength Testing: Our advanced strength assessments for runners are meticulously designed for peak performance. Through targeted analysis of key muscle groups, our data-driven approach enhances performance and reduces injury risks.

If you are working with a running coach we can of course feedback to them to help you make the best runner you can be.

The process

With all our runners MOT services it starts with getting to know you as a runner.

Once you book your strength MOT you are sent a pre-assessment questionnaire to learn about your running history.

On the day we have a discussion and review of the questionnaire, looking at the history of injuries, current PBs, future races in the diary, and of course current training load.

We then collect some strength data using our hand-held dynamometer so we can get a true objective view of your strength.

Once we have all the data we sit down discuss the results, map out where the improvements can be made, and give advice on how to make those improvements.

For some runners this is perfect for, others who want extra help and building a targeted and periodised plan and education on how to build their own plans going forward, this is where our moving forward plan can be very helpful

Strength testing

Using our handheld dynamometer and equipment in our on-site gyms, we go specific strength tests to look at where your strength is, in an objective and data-driven way, to help highlight to you where improvements could be made.

Is it for me?

Strength testing MOT is useful for all levels of runners. It doesn't matter if you are just starting out as a runner or a seasoned pro, strength testing can always offer some value to help guide your training and help reduce the risk of future injuries,

Video of the process

The strength tests can be carried out at our Romsey or Winchester clinics

We have made a video below of the process

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