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how to stay active in the summer

How to stay active this summer

How to stay active this summer. Nick and Dave discuss how you can ensure that you are making sure you consistently improve your mobility and strength whilst doing those things you are probably already doing in your life just a little bit better…

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what is the best exercise to do? a podcast episode with Nick and Dave from NK Active

What is the best exercise?

This month, Nick and Dave chat through exercises and discuss what is the best exercise in certain instances, if there even is one! We hope you enjoy this episode of our podcast…

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life after professional sport. A picture of James Haskell. featured in the current of episode of the NK Active podcast

Life after professional sport

Inspired by the latest episode of “The Good, The Bad and The Rugby” by James Haskell, Charlie and Nick discuss life after professional sport and how you can stay at a consistent level of fitness.

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