how to stay active in the summer

How to stay active this summer

So how do you stay active this summer? So for this episode we really wanted to chat about what can you do to help yourself get fitter and stronger and more active over the summer making use of the warmer weather the increased daylight. Not only that but by trying to do something that’s either free or doesn’t actually cost you much money.

Lets talk baselines…

We think its important to realise that, certainly in the summer, we see a lot more people making use of the longer, lighter days, spending time in our gardens, walking etc that we need to make a distinction between being busy and active and being active to a point where we see progression, where we see you making improvements to your mobility and your strength.

What can we do in the summer months regularly and consistently that is going to be more helpful in the long run?

Todays video is a great conversation about how you can assess your own baseline and how you can increase your level of activity doing things that you probably may already be doing in your own life without changing too much of your current routine. It’s incredible how making some small incremental changes can have a massive long term benefit to your mobility and strength.

Remember…Use it or lose it! And we can absolutely help you work out what that looks like for you in practice. If you would like to discuss anything we talk about in todays video about staying active this summer or would like some support in moving your body you can always chat to a member of our team about what that looks like. We have a range of Get Active Again programmes and classes to suit you so please do get in touch.

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