is the NK Active lunch club worth it? An interview with our current members

What are people saying about the NK Active lunch club?

Is the NK Active lunch club any good? Well of course it is! But don’t just take our word for it. In this episode of the NK Active podcast Nick speaks to three of our incredible lunch club members to hear their reasons for why they think the NK Active lunch club is so worthwhile and why you should consider joining.

So who’s on the podcast panel this week?

We were so lucky to be joined by Catherine Fletcher-Liddell from CF Foot Clinic based in Basingstoke, Louise Reaney from LR Podiatry in Sheffield, and Brenda Rodgers from Zest Podiatry based in Oxford. They have all been active members of the lunch club for a while now and we were really keen to get their perspective, not only to find out what we’re doing right but to see if there are any things that we could be doing to make it even better.

Key takeaways from our conversation was how the LIVE element of what we do works so well and that even more helpfully the recorded element that can be watched back is now being utilised within wider team meetings to ensure that the learnings that come out of the one hour session are fully integrated into the teams approach to the care of their patients.

If you are a clinician and would like to find out more about the NK Active Lunch club and how the CPD we deliver within those sessions can benefit you and your clinic then be sure to visit the lunch club page here to find out more about what is coming up and how you can get involved.

Listen to the latest episode of the NK Active podcast here on your chosen platform – or watch the full video below…

If you’ve not read it yet you can find out more information on how we run our sessions with a candid behind the scenes talk with Nick and Dave here…

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