Behind the scenes at the NK Active lunch club

NK Active Lunch Club- Behind the scenes

The NK Active lunch club started in the early part of this year and is going from strength to strength. Its an opportunity for us all as clinicians to get together for an hour a month as we deliver CPD based around various clinical scenarios and pathologies using the most up to date evidence for you to take and action right away in your own practice.

Today we thought it would be interesting for us to share with you what goes on behind the scenes for us to deliver the NK Active lunch club month on month.

How to do we deliver the NK Active Lunch Club?

Once we have decided on our up and coming lunch club session topics Charlie sits and conducts a literature review of al the current evidence. We only deliver the most up to date information available. Our summary and review of the current science usually takes between 15 and 20mins within the session before we dive into the practical element of the session.

Within every practical element we ensure that all equipment we talk about is physically there in the treatment room with us for you to see. Having been to so many conferences previously and how difficult it can be to get a feel for things our core aim of the lunch club was to give our participants the most interactive experience possible so that it feels like you are there with us in the room. With this in mind we have invested in quality cameras and microphones like the Rode Wireless Go mics that can move around the room with us as we conduct our clinical assessments.

What happens after the live session?

After every live element we spend time uploading all of our trainings to our community platform on Heartbeat. Not only is this a great space for you to watch back any of the previous Lunch club trainings, but its an opportunity for you to converse and ask questions after the event.

As a team we at NK Active are often asked to speak at other events and with this in mind we are now collating these sessions as bonus CPD content that we are uploading once a month too.

All in all our team probably spends around one full clinic day preparing for our one hour lunch club sessions but we think we can all agree they are thoroughly worthwhile and feedback from our participants so far has been brilliant.

If you are not yet a member of the NK Active Lunch Club and you would like to find out further information about joining please do visit our education for clinicians page and all of the relevant information about signing up is there.

Listen to the latest episode of the NK Active podcast here on your chosen platform – or watch the full video below…

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