what is the best exercise to do? a podcast episode with Nick and Dave from NK Active

What is the best exercise?

So it’s a big question but really, what is the best exercise? For your knee pain? What’s the best exercise for your Achilles problem? It is something that we get asked an awful lot in clinic on on a regular basis so we thought we’d create a podcast on it!

And there is a very short answer to this.

The best exercise is the exercise that gets done. A lot of people are looking for a silver bullet. That notion of If I do this, there will be a cause and effect. And that will cure all my problems. But it’s not as simple as that. We’ve got to break down a lot of barriers first. So, the exercise that starts someone doing something is often the best exercise.

In todays podcast we investigate the common barriers to exercise. Often its things like not enough time, lack of enjoyment, boredom and, a big one, unrealistic expectations of what you are going to achieve in the short term.

In todays episode we will work through these barriers and give some handy hints for becoming more consistent, for managing your goals and for finding the exercise that truly works for you.

We really hope you enjoy our latest episode. As always if you ever have any questions or you would like us to discuss anything on a future episode of the NK Active podcast please do drop us a message!

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