Reflections on the NK Active Lunch Club

Reflections on the first NK Active Lunch Club

In this weeks episode Nick, Charlie and Dave reflect back on the first ever NK Active lunch club that they ran in February. The Lunch Club is an interactive, CPD resource for fellow clinicians and this first instalment was all about plantar plate injuries.

So why did we set up the NK Active lunch club?

All three of us as a team get asked on a regular basis to share our tips and tricks on managing certain pathologies and education around certain conditions. After some discussion we thought about how we could deliver this in a more formalised way. We have the ability to work with clinicians from across the globe so we decided to try and use technology to make something that is bite sized and that can be done in your lunch hour. You don’t also have to watch it live, you can catch up on demand as it were, so you haven’t got to worry about booking a whole day at your clinic or anything along those lines. You can just do in short snippets in a timeframe that suits you.

Making online CPD more interactive…

Since the pandemic we’ve seen a lot of people moving to online and sharing presentations with their peers. But thats it, it’s a static PowerPoint presentation. We wanted to make the NK Active Lunch Club really practical so feel part of the action. You can see where the hand positions are, you can see what’s going on. This meant a mobile camera, and some different software, which we admit was a bit of an issue to get going. And, you know, with new tech comes that massive hope that it’s all working! We also had to consider the microphones as we were moving around so that we could deliver as clearly as possible.

As a team it meant that we had to do slightly different roles. Nick was the one physically delivering the talk. Dave can now add cameraman to his CV. And Charlie can add demo patient and foot model to hers.

Future Lunch Clubs…

We are looking forward to continuing with the Lunch Club CPD model and so far feedback has been really, really positive. They will continue to run on the last Friday of every month.

There is so much information out there that we can synthesise from accessing the internet and journals out there but this model of CPD that we have created allows us to spend meaningful time information giving using evidence informed practice through a presentation. We will then walk you through some of our thoughts and our clinical assessments as well as our theories that underpin our decision making here in clinic. We also talk about how we would apply this to an intervention. In essence, how are we going to get our patient better or get them back to achieving their goal that they started with?

This really has been developed for you as a fellow clinician and we really hope you find this useful. In the meantime what we need from you is some feedback on what topics you would like to see covered in future Lunch Clubs. Are there any certain conditions or joint areas that you think that you think you could do with just improving your knowledge and scope around? We can happily map that in to all of the future lunch clubs that we have in the calendar.

Please, if you’ve got any suggestions or comments do leave us a message. And of course if you would like to find out more about our future Lunch Clubs and how you can sign up you can find out more here.

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