Nick Knight holding the worlds first hockey shoe, Osaka IDO MK1

Episode 7The World’s first hockey shoe. Osaka IDO MK1


Nick chat’s with Paul Griffin, one of the people behind the worlds first hockey shoe the Osaka IDO MK1 (in our opinion). He also a Partner at Bartold Clinical which published lots of exciting articles around athletic footwear.

Paul also gives us an exclusive about the next Osaka shoe the Kai!! We chat about Paul’s journey as a Podiatrist to working in athletic footwear development and the people he met along the way.

Also, of course covering the how the Osaka IDO MK1 one was born and I talk about what I love about the shoe and what could be improved on next time.

Nick gives his thoughts around using the shoe as a hockey player and offers some tips on how to improve it. For a MK1 this is am amazing shoe and hockey has been crying out for a hockey shoe for a long time!

Just as a disclosure, Nick was asked to test the IDO MK1, and was given a pair, however he is not paid by Osaka or receives any financial benefit for speaking about the shoe.

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