David from NK Active, Virtual physio appointment

Episode 9Injury rehabilitation with our new staff member David.


Welcome to David.

Our newest member of the team, we have a chat about David’s journey to getting to NK Active, including servicing in the military, working in the NHS, helping companies reduce the risk of sickness in the work place. We discuss common myths around injury rehabilitation. We chat about the concepts and issues around manual handling thoughts and the importance of keeping moving, covering addressing peoples fears and beliefs around pain.

David is going to help develop and grow our upper limb service and has huge amounts of experience getting people to over come shoulder and back pain, and has worked within every sector, NHS, MOD, private and commercial, so you name it, he has seen it and rehabbed it!

Don’t forget to go a look David’s blog, giving more details about his journey and how if can help you. He does have a huge passion for getting people back to activity.

Enjoy and see you at the next episode.


If you need to book an appointment with David you can do so below.

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