return to running after injury- a casestudy. NK Active podcast episode with Nick Anderson running coach

Return to running after injury- a case study of Ruth

We were so pleased to be joined by not one but two guests for the latest episode of the NK Active podcast. We welcomed Ruth, an existing NK Active patient alongside renowned running coach Nick Anderson from RunningwithUs to discuss Ruth’s return to running after an injury.

Ruth began running in her late twenties/ early thirties as someone running for pleasure. It soon became apparent that running was part of her identity and she swiftly got known by her family and friends as ‘Ruth who runs”

In late 2019 she picked up a hamstring injury and unfortunately whilst everyone out there seemed to pick up running as an activity during lockdown, for Ruth this meant that she was unable to run at all. With difficulty accessing the right support services during the pandemic to help support her return to running, she actually found herself causing more injury to herself. She soon recognised that to support her running rehabilitation she would need some structured coaching to help build herself up to full strength.

Working with Nick Anderson from RunningwithUs

Luckily for Ruth Nick Anderson from RunningwithUs was on hand to help with her running injury recovery. For anyone within the running world you won’t be a stranger to his name. Nick is famous UK wide for being an incredible running coach and has helped hundreds of runners at both club and national level to get where they need to be since he was in his twenties.

RunningwithUs has a simple ethos… They want to work with you to become a better runner tomorrow than you were today. Whether you want to be the next Commonwealth champion or you are brand new to running and perhaps running for a charity partner, Nick and the team are on hand to help you begin to LOVE running and also build up your strength and skill to run better.

Working with NK Active

Unfortunately for Ruth, three months into working with Nick she developed a metatarsal stress fracture in her foot. It was at this point that Nick [Anderson] sign posted her towards Nick [Knight] at NK Active to help her with her return to running with a structured approach to her injury rehabilitation.

Within this episode Nick explains what this meant and how Ruth was able to be guided with a clear plan to get back to full strength.

Ruth’s return to running has been a gradual process and although for the patient this can at times feel frustrating this has actually been a long term positive outcome. Allowing Ruth to build upon her strength training and to build a solid foundation she is now a completely different runner to what she was before. She is exceeding her previous goals and is now a stronger, faster and more confident runner who is now pushing towards running her first ever marathon distance event.

Not only has it been the combination of working with a dedicated running coach like Nick Anderson alongside the rehabilitation programme that we have created here at NK Active it has been Ruth’s dedication to putting the work in to become a better runner that has allowed her to chase this goal.

We cannot wait to follow her progress over the next few months.

Please do listen to this episode below. Ruth has a brilliant recovery story and we were so pleased to partner with RunningwithUs with her case to get her back to strength.

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