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How to stay active over the festive season.

Enjoy the Christmas and New Year and be ready to start moving more in January.

When it’s cold, wet and windy the last thing you might want to do is head outside for a workout … and you probably just want to stay in, keep warm and relax! But when you embrace the elements, there are many psychological and physiological benefits to be had when it comes to getting active outdoors in winter weather.

It has been a difficult year with lots of challenges for us all so relax and be kind to yourself this festive season. This might mean more sitting to watch the TV or just taking it easy with a drink and mince pie, and why not? January can wait and your resolution might be that “I will get more active then” – remember that our bodies are designed to move and if you can move a little over the festive season, you will reap the rewards when you do start to do some serious exercising or revisit your training programme in the new year.

Try to think in terms of getting moving or some fresh air and adding to what you are already doing as opposed to exercising.

  • Walk – make some of the walk a stroll and some more of a challenge – but not a full-on workout
  • Speed up to the corner, signpost, gate or lamppost
  • Carry a small (or large) loaded rucksack (or bag of food shopping!)
  • Do a loop on your own and then a stroll with the family 
  • Dress for the conditions and path surface
  • Remember 30 minutes spent moving gives you 23 hours and 30 min to rest

When you get home, if you feel the house is too hot you will know you have warmed up and done the job!

Gentle stretches and exercises for the festive season.

The Posture Test.
Stand upright against a wall with your heels against the wall and your hips and small of your back pushed into the wall (no gap). Your shoulder blades should be against the wall and your chin and eye line should be level, whilst the back of the your head is against the wall.

If your head is tilted back or you feel stiff, or it is uncomfortable to stand in this position for a couple of minutes, then try a gentle stretch.

The Simple Balance and Strength Test.
Instead of sitting down, try putting your socks on by standing on one leg and then the other. Try this every day.

Back Stretch.
Lie on the floor on your tummy and gently raise your torso by placing your hands on the floor. Straighten your arms as much as your can and if your back is a little stiff, lift your hips as you do this.

Side Stretch.
Lie on your back with your arms out to the side and your knees bent. Keep your arms fixed in position and gently roll your knees from side-to-side.

Stay active over the festive season.

You don’t need a gym, just a few spare minutes and when someone says “are you finished already?” it will show just how fast 10 or 15 minutes can go by! A walk and small amounts of movement can easily be part of your relaxing festive season routine and that will make a big difference to your January fitness and training goals.
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