working feet and foot health- NK Active podcast episode with Nick Knight and Jonathon Small

Working feet and foot health- Episode 14

Working feet was the theme of this years foot health week, a national campaign led by the Royal College of Podiatry with a focus on getting people to think more about their feet and how to look after them.

In this weeks episode of the NK Active podcast Nick is joined by fellow podiatrist and colleague Jonathon Small as they discuss at length the impact of the working environment on our feet and some of the common causes of foot pain and injury due to the nature of our chosen professions.

This episode not only covers some of the common ailments we can face from not being aware of our environment but also the affect that the pandemic has had on many of us since transitioning back into the workplace after spending months potentially working from our homes.

Did you know that on average an employee working from a home office would usually take around 2000 steps a day compared to someone commuting and visiting their standard place of work where they could easily average 15-20,000 steps in a day. This can have a massive impact on our bodies as we look to head back to “normal” working life again.

We do hope you find todays podcast interesting. If there is anything from today’s discussion that has made an impact or resonates with you and your own working feet then please do reach out and have a chat with us here at NK Active.

As always we want to help you get active, stay active and moving forward always.

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