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Posture…What is it all about? Episode 15

In the latest episode of the NK Active podcast Nick is joined by Dave, one of the rehabilitation specialists here at NK Active, to discuss posture and whether there really is such a thing as having a “bad” posture.

We’ve all heard the word posture, it’s one of those words that’s thrown around.Then when you try and define what it is? Well, it’s how you hold yourself, it’s where your spine is, it’s where it is in a standing or sitting posture, carrying posture, sleeping posture and so forth.

Is there are correct posture? No.

There is a posture that’s right for you for the task that you’re doing away from this historic, upright, perfect spinal position. Everything is very even in the medical world, int that neutral position, but we have to be able to move out of that and do things in different positions.

Something that comes up really commonly in the gym is that you must lift using the right posture. There’s loads of coaching to have the perfect position for each exercise. And if you look at any sport, rugby, hockey, basketball, netball, even snooker where’s the “perfect” position, and people are in all sorts of bent, stretched, positions producing maximum force, they might get injured for some reason, but thats not because they’re in a bad posture. There is a very strong movement at the moment to lift in different positions, because that’s how we live our lives. Whether we are putting something into the back of the car, putting our shopping away in the high cupboard, reaching to the back of the cupboard etc, we don’t live our lives with perfect straight lines being coached on how to take on the task in hand.

This is a really thought provoking episode. We hope it helps to shift your own thoughts about the positions you find yourself in, in ordinary day to day life. Listen to this ten minute episode in full by clicking on the Spotify link below.

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