Introducing India Fulford- our newest NK Active podiatrist

Interview with India Fulford- our newest team member

She’s been with us for a good few months now but we thought that we would take the opportunity to introduce you properly to the newest team member here at NK Active, India Fulford.

In this candid interview we find out more about India and how it came to be that we brought our two clinics together in early 2023. We find out what her core areas of expertise are, what she would like to learn more about whilst here at NK Active and most importantly if she thinks that pineapple on pizza is a acceptable or not!!

We are so pleased that India took the leap to join forces with us here at the Romsey clinic and that so many of her previous clients decided to take the journey with her.

If you would like to book an appointment with India, or indeed any member of the NK Active team, you can do so here.

Listen to the latest episode of the NK Active podcast here on your chosen platform –

Or if you would prefer to watch the full episode with Nick Knight and India Fulford here is the YouTube video!

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